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Miguel Marrero Named Senior Operations Manager for A&O Houston Regional Office

May 31st, 2022

Miguel Marrero, a retired special agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), has been named Senior Operations Manager for the Houston area Alpha & Omega Mounted Security Patrol (A&O) division.  A highly qualified security expert, Miguel has extensive experience in global security, law enforcement and tactical operations training, drug trafficking abatement, SWAT missions, active shooter incidents and more.

As Senior Operations Manager, Miguel is charged with supervising all mounted patrol operations including selection and training of troopers, coordination of trooper assignments, employee evaluation and retention, security licensing requirements, communication with A&O clients, and risk assessment and trooper deployment. 

“My work here is challenging and dynamic, reminding me of what I faced in my former work supervising squads in the Bureau,” he said.  “Like I did then, I come to work every day with an open mind and meet the challenges the day brings.”

While serving with the FBI in Denver, Miguel was a SWAT Member, Certified SWAT Operator, Certified Swat Sniper, and Certified Tactical Helicopter Crew Chief and participated in many high-risk missions.  He was a member of protection details for the Attorney General of the United States and for the FBI Director, both domestically and overseas. 

Serving in the United States Air Force (USAF) from 1984 to 1997, Miguel was a Technical Sergeant, Occupational Health & Safety, Public Health Technician, Aerospace Medicine for the USAF Flight Surgeon Office in Florida, Germany, and Puerto Rico.  He conducted occupational health/safety and public health training. He trained personnel on nuclear, biological and chemical operations.

Miguel is a graduate of the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and the FBI Academy, and he earned a Bachelor of Applied Science (Computer Science, Information Systems Management) from the University of Maryland European Division.

Miguel’s varied skills and interests make him especially suited to contribute to the overall elevation of A&O as a modern security company. His skills include training, management, investigative techniques, firearms proficiency, communication, organization, and computer proficiency.  He is experienced with sophisticated investigative techniques and equipment such as CCTV, GPS, trackers, recorders, sensors, and others.  A bilingual English and Spanish speaker, he has a special interest in Western horse and horse reining discipline.

Frank Keller, founder and CEO of A&O, expressed his gratitude for Miguel’s exceptional qualifications.  “We feel so fortunate to have a person of Miguel’s skills, experience, and work ethic join our company as head of The Woodlands Township operation.  He brings renewed energy and innovation to our mounted security work there.”

Alpha & Omega Mounted Security Patrol is North America’s largest and oldest private mounted patrol, celebrating its 32nd anniversary in business this year.  Highly trained, uniformed Troopers provide public safety services at mixed use developments, amphitheaters, sporting events, music festivals and other mass gatherings at locations across the United States.