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Line up of Mounted Patrol Officers

Founded in the 1980s by CEO Frank Keller, Alpha & Omega Mounted Patrol is the nation’s only private mounted patrol. We operate year-round and provide public safety at mass gatherings and events.

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A&O Announces Newest Client: Westwood Magnolia Parkway Improvement District

Westwood Magnolia Parkway Improvement District (WMPID http://westwoodmpid.org) has selected the A&O Mounted Patrol to become part of their comprehensive security system. The 1800-acre mixed use project is located at the intersection of Magnolia Parkway and Highway 2978 in the Houston, Texas, metropolitan area. WMPID also has given elevated attention to security in the area by... Read more »...read more

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Ubbi Dubbi and A&O: First Festival Back

KES, A&O, and GKS Provide Public Safety for Ubbi Dubbi,First Camping Music Festival after Covid-19 Restrictions Reduced Kel Executive Services (KES), Alpha & Omega Mounted Security Patrol (A&O), and Global K-9 Solutions (GKS) provided security for Ubbi Dubbi, the first festival internationally to allow camping on festival grounds after the Covid-19 quarantine of venues. Ubbi... Read more »...read more

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