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Who We Are

Global K9 Systems is a the newest of three security companies (Alpha & Omega Mounted Security Patrol  and Kel Executive Security) founded by Frank Keller more than 35 years ago.  Our  canine detection teams consist of retired law enforcement personnel as handlers in conjunction with our highly trained firearm detection canines which can assist in the prevention and deterrence of criminal activity at your venue. During the event, our K9 teams provide visual deterrence and identify potential hazards.

About Us

Global K9 Systems provides highly trained detection dogs that sniff out and locate concealed firearms, ammunition, narcotics, and explosives. They also can detect gunpowder, gunpowder residue, cleaning solvents, and oils. They are often utilized at airports, schools, indoor and outdoor sporting events and other venues to maintain public safety. These dogs have a keen sense of smell allowing them to detect the unique scents emitted by explosive devices and their components, even in concealed or hard-to-reach areas.

When working, the dog will typically sniff the air and surrounding areas to pick up any firearm-related scents. Once the dog detects a scent, it will follow the scent trail to its source, alerting its handler by sitting, lying down, or using another predetermined signal. The handler will then assess the situation and take appropriate action, such as conducting a more thorough search or contacting law enforcement.

The Importance of Firearm Detection Dogs in Public Safety

Firearm detection dogs play a crucial role in maintaining public safety by:

  • Preventing gun-related incidents: By locating concealed firearms, these dogs help prevent potentially dangerous situations from escalating.
  • Enhancing security measures: Firearm detection dogs serve as an additional layer of security in airports, schools, and other public venues.
  • One of the benefits of using K9s is that they are a non-intrusive security measure. Unlike metal detectors and other security screening methods, K9s can detect threats without causing inconvenience or discomfort to the public.
  • Moreover, the presence of K9s can also act as a deterrent. Knowing that a facility has K9s on site can make potential attackers think twice about targeting that location. This can help prevent violent incidents from occurring in the first place.
  • One of the most significant threats today is the sustained increase in active shooter attacks and criminal gun violence. Global K9 Systems can provide clients with an effective, versatile and dynamic solution to aid in the deterrence and detection of a concealed firearm. Our canines empower organizations to prevent a potential mass casualty event, minimizing risk to people.
  • With the increase in active shooter incidents across the country the need for an additional layer of security has arisen. Many times, these incidents happen in areas where there is a large crowd such as sports venues, concert venues, amusement parks, shopping malls, and schools. The placement of a well-trained canine team is a perfect addition to any safety and security plan. Our Firearms Detection canines are trained to locate firearms on people as they are being carried on their person whether it is concealed on their person or in a bag.
  • Traditional metal detectors can sometimes miss firearms because of the size, or because a good portion of the firearm is made from polymer versus metal. The canines can locate the target “odor” on a specific person who can then be isolated and further searched. Our dogs are all strictly single purpose dogs that are social and capable of working in crowded environments.


Bonnaroo Music Festival, Tennessee
Lalapalooza, Chicago, Illinois
Ubbi Dubbi EDM Festivals, Texas

PowerTrip Festival, California
Sunset Music Festival, Florida
Dreamhack, Dallas
Lights All Night, NYE EDM party, Dallas Convention Center
So What Festival, Dallas Fair Park
Boston Calling, Massachusetts
Global Citizen, Central Park, New York City
Provided K-9s for Northwest ISD via Roanoke Fire Department, Texas
Float Fest, Texas
Azle Independent School District



Mike Norris
Director of Facilities and Equipment