Mounted Patrol Riders and Horses


Crowd Management

Alpha & Omega Mounted Patrol Troopers specialize in effective crowd control. From high atop their horses, professionally trained Troopers provide crowd management as they patrol parking lots, concert venues, and special events across the country. A small number of trained riders on horses can manage huge crowds.

Mounted Patrol Rider and Horse

Customer Service

Troopers are professionally trained observers on horseback and are customer service oriented. Riders are courteous, pleasant, knowledgeable and informative at all times. Troopers wear distinctive uniforms and present a demeanor that invites respect, offering an authoritative yet friendly presence.

Crime Deterrent

Troopers work hand in hand with local law enforcement to provide extra eyes and ears to prevent criminal activity in commercial and residential areas. Troopers can clear a path for emergency vehicles easily and horses are trained to escort either VIPs or paramedics and police through crowded foot traffic. Patrols handle amphitheaters, arenas, stadiums, and special events.

Horse and Rider in traffic

Full Service Security

KES provides the complete spectrum of security planning and implementation with turn-key event security from pre-planning to post-event evaluation. Security experts assist clients in assessing needs, minimizing risk, logistical planning, securing permits, executive/performer protection, crowd management, budget planning, deploying resources and other event security requirements.

Our Services Include:

  • Consultation for site selection and layout
  • Advance work
  • Tour security
  • Review of staffing plans
  • On-site management of security teams
  • Threat assessment
  • Development of emergency response plans for multiple scenarios
  • Analysis of manpower needs
  • Integration of security plan with local law enforcement officials
  • Emergency evacuation planning
  • Consultation on people and package screening
  • Consultation on venue surveillance needs and options
  • Post-event evaluation and follow-up plans
  • Venue assessment and security planning

Global K-9 Systems

Our associated company provides canine security teams to aid in firearm detection.  We can customize services depending on the event size, location, risk threat, and other factors.

Advantages of Mounted Patrol Security

While protection of people and property is the chief goal of the Alpha & Omega Mounted  Patrol, many other advantages are derived from that purpose.

Riders, horses and truck