Mounted Patrol Riders and Horses


Do you want to make money with your horse?

Recruitment is ongoing for the A&O Mounted Patrol throughout the United States. Troopers are particularly needed in Tennessee and California for seasonal festival work and for full time and permanent parttime work at The Woodlands Township near Houston, Texas.

Start the first of three videos below to learn more about what working for A&O is all about, then continue to What’s Expected of Your Horse, and What’s Expected of You. The videos will take almost 5 minutes to watch and need to be watched in one sitting.

Although the age requirement says 21 on the video, we lowered the age to 19 in Texas and some other markets.  So, please apply if you are 19 years or older. Also, we are waiving the horse height requirement in some cases.  We look forward to receiving your application.

After the first video plays the second and then third video will appear. Once all 3 videos play you can continue onto the application page. Having technical problems? Contact info@mountedpatrol.com.

Application link will appear below the videos.
Please be sure to scroll down to access application after watching all 3 videos.

What an A&O Trooper Does

What’s Expected of Your Horse

What’s Expected of You

Still think you and your horse have what it takes?

We’d love to have you join the A&O family!