Mounted Patrol Riders and Horses

Fact Sheet

Alpha & Omega Mounted Patrol

Who: Nation’s oldest and largest private mounted patrol

What: Provides public safety at mass gatherings including music festivals, Business Improvement Districts, shopping centers, amphitheaters, sports venues, and other event facilities.

When: Operates year-round with special patrols in the summer at the Bonnaroo Music Festival, Coachella and other festivals.

Where: Throughout North America

Founder: Frank Keller, founder, president and CEO


Kel Executive Services

Who: Full service event security management company

What: Provides turn-key event security for large mass gatherings. Special expertise in music and camping festivals. Handles duties such as site selection and layout, advance work, tour security, review of staffing plans, on-site management of security firms and medical personnel, threat assessment, development of emergency response plans for multiple scenarios, integration of security plan with local law enforcement officials, emergency evacuation planning, consultation on people and package screening, consultation on venue surveillance needs and options, post-event evaluation and follow-up plans

When: Operates year-round. Will tailor schedule to travel on tour with bands.

Where: International

Founder: Frank Keller, founder, president and CEO


Global K-9 Solutions

Who:  Canine security teams

What: Provides firearm detection units for clients. GKS adds to the comprehensive security plan elements custom designed for clients. GKS focuses on providing certified K9 teams trained in firearm detection with customization for event size, attendance, site, hours, and other considerations.

When: Year-round

Where:  Wherever clients’ request nationally.

Founder: Frank Keller, founder, president and CEO