Mounted Patrol Riders and Horses


Law Enforcement Units

Alpha & Omega instructors have trained law enforcement units in cities across the country. They offer two types of modules for training. The Basic Certification Course is a 48-hour training class usually scheduled over a week’s time. This course includes the inspection process, basic formations, tactical formations, crowd control, sensory and obstacle training, mounted officer survival, traffic direction, search and rescue, and loading and unloading the horse. Certification Clinics are classes offered over a shorter period of time, usually one, two or three days. These clinics cover a specific topic, usually selected from those in the Basic Course. Alpha & Omega instructors will travel to the police department facility or the students may be scheduled in the company’s arenas in Texas. A course can also be custom tailored to fit a police department’s needs, whether it is a simple refresher course or complete overall instruction. A&O officials are sensitive to the budget restrictions of law enforcement agencies and can design a program to meet strict requirements. Click on Contact Us to request more information.

G-8 Summit, Savannah, Georgia

Alpha & Omega instructors were honored to serve as training specialists in Sea Island (Savannah), Georgia for the 2004 G-8 Summit, the largest gathering of diplomatic and consular officials outside of Washington D.C. or New York. Frank Keller, founder and president of A&O, and his highly trained instructors designed an intensive class for the law enforcement professionals responsible for protecting the high-profile government officials from eight countries. Six mounted police units working the Summit in mutual aid from throughout the Southeast joined the Savannah Police Department for the in-depth training.

The week-long seminar included topics such as:

  • Crowd behavior
  • Social violence
  • The riot pattern
  • The nature of anarchy
  • Communication techniques in mass gatherings
  • Column and tactical formations
  • Legal issues
  • Diplomatic and consular immunity
  • Explosive devices
  • Weapons at public gatherings
  • Case studies and scenarios