Mounted Patrol Riders and Horses


Town & Country Village, Houston, Texas

The Alpha & Omega Mounted Patrol patrolled the grounds of this open air shopping center, providing information and assistance to shoppers, and protecting retailer property. The upscale center includes high end retailers, restaurants, and businesses offering financial, medical, travel and health/beauty services. Located at Memorial Drive and Sam Houston Parkway, the shopping village serves a primary market of more than a quarter million people.

Market Street, The Woodlands Township, Houston

A Mounted Patrol Trooper in The Woodlands, Texas
A Mounted Patrol Trooper in The Woodlands, Texas

Alpha & Omega’s extended security division provides patrols for Market Street, an award-winning retail development in The Woodlands Township near Houston, Texas. The company has provided mounted security for the project for some time. Because of its pedestrian-friendly design, the center was a natural for foot patrols as an extension to its security plan.

Market Street is a town-center style retail complex with a stylish design, offering a convenient shopping destination amid an office environment. The buildings are centered around a world-class public space that provides a downtown focal point for the surrounding residential neighborhoods.

The center’s theme was created as a mercantile-style town center. A gourmet grocery, loft, office space, and second story cinema, contribute to the small town feel. Tree-lined walkways, a heavily shaded oval central park, and a series of fountains provide communal gathering spaces. A multitude of storefront designs and a mixed-bag of regional architectural styles create “instant history” in the center.

Market Street at The Woodlands Township is owned, managed and developed by Trademark Property Company.

Rider and Horse