Mounted Patrol Riders and Horses

A&O Announces Newest Client: Westwood Magnolia Parkway Improvement District

October 8th, 2020

Troopers began their duties at WMPID on October 1 by meeting the people at Westwood Shopping Center.

Westwood Magnolia Parkway Improvement District (WMPID http://westwoodmpid.org) has selected the A&O Mounted Patrol to become part of their comprehensive security system. The 1800-acre mixed use project is located at the intersection of Magnolia Parkway and Highway 2978 in the Houston, Texas, metropolitan area.

WMPID also has given elevated attention to security in the area by including a substation of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department in the Westwood Village Shopping Center. This law enforcement presence, along with the visibility of the mounted patrol, will act as both a crime deterrent and improve response times to incidents. The purchase of a ladder truck for the Magnolia Volunteer Fire Department and installation of commercial grade fire plugs shows the company’s intense emphasis on public safety.

Planned projects will emphasize health care, quality of life, shopping, and recreation. Also, Magnolia Parkway will have its 14-mile parkway elevated to a true parkway.

A&O Mounted Patrol has been a part of the adjacent Woodlands Township security team for 25 years. This new assignment with WMPID will help them expand the notion of “Safety You Can See” to an additional neighborhood. Because of their height (8 feet from ground to top of the Trooper’s helmet), mounted patrol personnel can see over shoppers, cars, and signage. They have a wide view of all that is occurring around them. Plus, they form a trusting relationship with the public because they are so visible, and the appeal of the horses creates a friendly, reassuring bond. Many patrons have their favorite Troopers/horses and seek them out for escorts or to get information. The height advantage is also a safe social distance from anyone approaching the Trooper.

Every A&O Trooper is licensed as security personnel by the state of Texas, as is the company as a whole. Each rider receives the mandatory 40 hours of training required by the state. In addition, the rider and horse must complete 40 more hours of rigorous training and meet periodic on-the-job training goals. All Troopers are professional horse people and their horses must pass a series of equestrian trials and health requirements.

“A&O looks forward to the growth and improvements planned by WMPID,” said Frank Keller, CEO of A&O Mounted Patrol. “We hope to grow along with them as we all create an environment of public safety for the users of the many services in the district.”