Mounted Patrol Riders and Horses


Why should I choose a mounted security patrol over other types of security?

We feel the Number 1 reason is the visibility and wide range of vision the Trooper has over other security units. Sitting atop a horse, the Trooper can see over people, cars, shrubbery and other obstacles. They can quickly summon law enforcement units if a threatening situation arises.  Plus, the Trooper is more visible to patrons, thus both offering a reassuring presence and becoming a beacon for a person in need of help.  In addition, the visibility of mounted officers acts as a deterrent to criminal activity.

See Something Say Something
A&O Troopers assisted the U.S. Department of Homeland Security in urging the public to report suspicious behavior and work with law enforcement officials to report such behavior.

A&O embraced the “See Something.  Say Something” campaign promoted by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.  This effort encouraged everyone to report suspicious activity to the proper state and local authorities, especially calling out behavior indicative of criminal activity related to terrorism.  Troopers are taught to recognize this behavior and also to assess reports by others to determine their validity and pass the information along to the proper authorities. They are the eyes and ears of law enforcement.

How many Troopers will it take to provide security for my event?

Every event and venue is different but a good guideline is one Trooper for every thousand visitors expected. Also, one Trooper/horse equals 10 safety staff on foot in terms of mobility, reconnaissance and crowd control. This could potentially reduce a client’s overall security costs. Every client gets a comprehensive security plan custom designed for their event which includes the number of Troopers needed on 12-hour shifts.

What kinds of people serve as A&O Troopers?

Troopers are first and foremost public safety devotees who are interested in working with their horses to promote crowd security.  Many have law enforcement backgrounds. They are carefully screened for public relations skills and horsemanship. Troopers are licensed in the appropriate state for security work.

How are the Troopers chosen and trained?

Alpha & Omega has an ongoing recruiting campaign targeting career public safety professionals. After passing a 3-hour screening interview, new recruits go through a comprehensive training program. Troopers and horses learn effective riding formations, crowd management, vehicle escort, sensory and obstacle management, radio procedures, and other patrol techniques.

How is the “Trooper look” created and enforced?

Because Troopers are highly visible, we feel it is especially important to follow strict guidelines of conduct and appearance. The Alpha & Omega Standard Operating Procedures manual sets in writing the exact specifications regarding conduct and appearance. Uniforms are included in the rates charged to the client. They feature a red and black military-style uniform.

What do I have to provide if I choose to hire the mounted patrol?

  • Parking for trucks and trailers with access to potable water for horses and space for portable stables
  • Access to venue radios
  • Dumpster for disposal of waste from horses
  • Lodging
  • Catering during show days
  • Ice and bottled water
  • A Gator© or equivalent mobile vehicle suitable for transporting a 100-gallon trough to carry water to horses on their posts

What kinds of insurance coverage are included?

A&O carries Workers’ Compensation and Employee Liability, General Liability Insurance, Comprehensive Automobile Liability, and Fidelity Bond Employee Dishonesty coverage. Amounts are adjusted appropriately for the event/venue.

How much does it cost?

Most clients prefer to receive a turnkey hourly rate. This rate is designed to include:

  • Recruitment of personnel and hiring (when applicable)
  • Training including initial training and on-the-job (when applicable)
  • Interviewing
  • Background checks
  • Testing
  • Uniforms
  • Supervision by an on-site manager
  • Reporting and record keeping
  • Payroll
  • General liability insurance
  • Client conferences
  • Per diems
  • Mileage reimbursement
  • Communication equipment including repeater
  • Rolling stock, i.e. horse trailers, semi trailer/truck, mobile office, pickup trucks, ATV, etc.
  • Portable horse stables
  • Waste management. A&O removes all waste dropped by its horses within the stable compound.

Where do A&O patrols provide mounted security?

We are an international company with clients in California, Texas, Tennessee, Michigan, New York, Canada and other parts of North America. Mounted patrols can serve anywhere in North America. We may bring riders to the location and/or recruit local riders and train them for the specific assignment.

What if I need extensive security planning?

Alpha & Omega has two associated companies: Kel Executive Services (KES) and Global K-9 Systems  (GK9).  KES provides comprehensive security consultation. You can read more about KES at www.kelsecurity.com.  Another resource we offer is Global K-9 Systems which provides canine teams for firearm, explosives and narcotics detection.

How can I get more information about hiring the mounted patrol?